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A common approach to building an easy-to-use reporting system is to cut an enterprise system down to size by restricting features and providing a lot of pre-canned content. We tried that, and found it was almost, but not quite, good enough: in too many cases we had to drop down to custom code to get everything we needed, and that wiped out most of our productivity gains.

Panamplify is taking a different approach: we're building systems that know enough about the domain being reported on to operate at a higher level of abstraction. This helps us avoid the brittleness we encountered using ordinary templates. The system's knowledge is in the form of traditional artificial intelligence structures like rules, ontologies and plans. The use of these mechanisms allows the system to produce results that humans can understand and modify.

The Team

Great software and great service are delivered by great people.

Michael Pratt CEO and Co-Founder

Michael Pratt

CEO / Co-Founder

Christopher St John CTO and Co-Founder

Christopher St. John

CTO / Co-Founder

Kevin jemison Business Operations & Customer Success

Kevin Jemison

Business Operations & Customer Success

Brendan Farmer Software Engineer

Brendan Farmer

Software Engineer

Brendan Farmer Software Engineer

Mark Fisher

Software Engineer

Erica Ndubueze Front End Developer

Erica Ndubueze

Front End Developer

Work at Panamplify

We've made a lot of progress, but to finish the job we need your help. We love to create software, but beyond that we're motivated by the idea of building systems to augment (not replace) human intellect. We want to give our users superpowers, and who doesn't like that?

Where we are

Dallas Born, Worldwide Strong

We are a remote first organization with team members all over the globe.

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