A Reporting solution for all of your Clients

More time adding value. Less time doing grunt work.

The Panamplify Solution

Flexible reporting that humans can understand and modify.

Key Features


Pay by the report per month. Unlimited data sources. Unlimited users. Unlimited report pages. For a fraction of what it's been costing your agency.

No Templates.
No Assembly.

Panamplify takes care of all the layout and graphical representation decisions for you producing professional looking reports that are easy to read.

No Dashboards

Dashboards don't tell stories. A report shows your clients what you did for them, what worked and why. Panamplify builds reports.


Your entire account team can contribute and add value. No more sharing log-ins. Panamplify turns reporting season into joy.

Manage All Agency Reporting

Run your campaigns the way you always have. Panamplify runs reporting in the background. During reporting season you add color and insights and take it the final step.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to "assemble" every report for each client?

No. Panamplify takes the campaign types, KPIs and system you use and builds it for you. You can tweak as necessary to make the report fit your needs.

What about all those data feeds and files?

Panamplify keeps track of it all so you can do more important things.

How Do I pay for this?

At the end of the month we add up all the reports you ran and charge you only for those reports.

What do you mean by "Flexible Standardization"?

Panamplify doesn't force you into rigid templates but it doesn't make you reinvent the wheel every month, either. Your agency reports reflect your agency "way" and are extremely flexible.

Can I customize reports?

Yes. Add your logo. Add your client logo. Panamplify reports are professionally designed, easy to read and built to reflect well on your agency.

What reporting cadences do you support?

Most agencies report monthly but we support weekly, quarterly and custom frequencies.

The Agency Reporting "Easy Button"

Let Panamplify take the grunt work out of reporting to your clients.