Careers at Panamplify

We offer the chance to learn a lot doing difficult but important work with a respectful team of professional adults. Because we're doing things that haven't been done exactly this way before, we expect everyone will need to both learn and share a lot of expertise. Panamplify is a startup, so there are absolutely guaranteed to be times when everyone is working long hours. That said, we're treating it like a marathon, not a 5k, and a group of healthy people does better work than those who are burnt out. Running everyone into the ground is not in the plan. We view "healthy" as including a life outside of work. We can promise a very flexible schedule.

We generally don't care what hours you work, or where you work from, or if you only come into the office once a quarter for an all-hands meeting. Remote is just as good as local for candidates with a few years of experience or who have worked remotely before. We also think "healthy" includes not being uncomfortable doing your job. We view a diversity of backgrounds as a competitive advantage, and to that end we insist on a respectful, professional and safe work environment. Sexist, homophobic or racist attitudes and behaviors (explicit or implicit) are counter to that belief, and we are serious about creating a working environment that is safe and welcoming to everyone.

Who We Need

Our team is small enough so that everyone has to wear multiple hats and do a lot of learning, so we're listing skills we need rather than exact job titles. We're most interested in people with "T-shaped" skill sets: a deep knowledge of one or more of the specific areas below, with enough general background to collaborate with experts in other areas.

You also need to really love your profession (not necessarily your job, but the work itself). We have room for both junior and senior people. Right now we are only accepting applications from people already authorized to work in the United States. Web Development: Since Panamplify is delivered over the Internet, we need people who know how to build modern web applications.

We'd prefer people who can operate all the way from the database (Postgres in this case, with JSON fields. You need to be able to design a table and know the obvious places to put an index, not be a db admin wizard) up through the middle tier (some very standard Ruby on Rails at the moment, but this might change) up to the GUI (HTML/CSS, we expect solid, styleable semantic HTML and the ability to follow UI patterns established in the rest of the application). Some industry experience, plus a degree in Computer Science or a related field (or some pretty serious self-study of software engineering concepts) are expected.

The items below aren't job titles, they're skills we need in some combination from the team as a whole. People with a mix of skills (or those with expertise in one area, but who want to expand their skills into another area) are encouraged to apply.

User-Interface Design/Development

For parts of the user interface, we're going to need to go a lot farther than just following some patterns. Report editing, in particular, will need to take advantage of some interesting new interactions enabled by the "smart" parts of the system. For this we're looking for someone who is good at the technology (HTML, Javascript, CSS, SVG, WebGL) but can also help us design new interactions that expose the capabilities of the AI to the user. A wide-ranging interest in human/computer interaction is expected, but substantial previous experience is less important than the ability to learn quickly.

Integration/Tooling Development

Reporting systems need data to report on, and we need help with writing connectors to other systems. Experience with tools like curl, Python (or another scripting language), deciphering cryptic API specifications, and experience with the Unix command line will be needed.

Data Science

We need people who can reflect on their own expertise to help out with the Applied AI efforts, but there's a lot of overlap generally (data cleanup/preparation, integration, visualization). Experience is good, but having a solid grounding in the basics (we'll ask about correlation/causation and determining significance) and being able to learn fast are more important.


We also need to keep the system running. The initial team will not have a full-time system administrator, so we need people who are comfortable with log monitoring, alarms, deployment scripts and the command line. Previous experience with a production system is expected, but you needn't be a senior system administrator.

Applied AI

Finally, we need people who can help out with the Panamplify Intelligence Engine (yes, PIE). The techniques we're using aren't particularly exotic (rules, ontologies, planning systems) but we're putting them together in some interesting ways, and knowledge of how things actually work (what are the limits of a STRIPS planner?) and experience actually using them (either in academia or industry) is vital. We'd expect you to have at least an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a related field. There seems to be a lot of overlap with generative storytelling systems, and we'd love to talk to people with a background in that area.

Interested? You can contact us directly at or apply online at